Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009

Dreaming about my island trips coming up this summer, I've started a little series of island paintings. These are the first two inspired by photos from a trip to Lubec last spring. I love the morning light there, the sky is like pink champagne.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

Blueberry Land. A familiar sight here in eastern Maine. Most artists, including myself, paint the blueberry fields in autumn when the fields become a fabulous vibrant red. I thought I would try to do a summer field. Well, this one too was not done in one session. I really struggled with the values and the line of trees in the back, and am still not completely sure what I think of this piece. 6 X 8" oil on masonite.

May 26, 2009

Finally the second forsythia painting is dry enough to scan! Truthfully neither of the forsythia paintings were painted in one session. The yellow needed lots of layers to achieve the true-to-life brilliance. The paint is really really thick on these. 6 X 6" oil on masonite. Sold.

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 20-23, 2009

Working on a series of island paintings, starting with Lubec mornings. Will be ready to post some after long weekend drying.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009

The weather was so fabulous it was hard to stay indoors. The garden beckoned. But I'm sold out of small paintings for my website and etsy shop, So I worked on garden-like paintings...some small and one large. And a companion to my earlier forsythia. These little 6 X 6" always seem to like companions.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17, 2009 - Abstract/ Mixed Media

In this third piece, I applied some pearlescent printing ink on top of some areas of oil pastel, and then tinted it here and there with soft pastel. The affects do not really show that well in this photo...I need to work on photographing these larger works that do not fit in the scanner!  I'll repost if I get better detail, but I hope these present the gist of what I'm up to lately.

Low Tide Treasures,  12 X 16"  mixed media on paper

May 17, 2009 - Abstracts/Mixed Media

Here are a few of my recent experimentations with abstract work which seem "post-worthy." All of these are done on Arches watercolor paper treated for printmaking. I wanted to draw on an intuitive process that I use when making my gelatin monotypes (see these on my website), just responding to the color and shape in front of me, staying in the moment and trying to keep clear of any particular intention. Texture too is a big part of what I enjoy in monotype printing, and any printmaking process, so here I used a combinations of acrylic paint, gouache, some oil pastel sticks, some soft pastel, too. Building up layers and contrasting the properties of the different media:  acrylic dries kind of plastic and smooth, gouache has a matte finish, and then adding the pastel marks on top really creates a rich textural quality. Would love to hear comments about this, my new direction.

Top:  Joy, 13" X 13" on paper
Bottom:  Glimmers of Hope, 11" X 11" on paper

May 14, 2009 - Oh, Forsythia!

I've spent the last several weeks experimenting in mixed media and larger formats, some results of which I will post soon...photographing them has been a challenge. Meanwhile, I made a trip to the coast, my old neighborhood on the Blue Hill peninsula. It was a dreary day, sadly, but I was brightened by the encounter at nearly every turn by brilliant, dazzling forsythia in full bloom. Eagerly upon returning home, I tried to capture the color on my little 6 X 6 masonite pieces.

6 X 6" oil on masonite. Recently sold from Etsy shop.

April 15, 2009 - Low Light in Field

Trying an analogous palette makes for nice harmony and a subdued feel. I love pink, in paintings only...would never wear it!

6 X 6" oil on masonite

April 2, 2009 - Downeast Shore

A rough few weeks of time management and unsuccessful paintings. Nothing post-worthy.
This little one though made me happy. Working in complementary colors always makes for a vibrant composition.

6 X 6"  oil on masonite.

March 12, 2009 - Spring Birches

Another stand of birches using same palette. I'm getting a little tight here. This one not as spontaneous and fluid as the first. Time is becoming an issue in finding priority time for painting.  

March 10, 2009 - Spring Fever

Continuing on with the Wolf Kahn palette (see post for 3/9/09 Red Island) my spring fever made the desire to paint a stand of birches in a purple background irresistible.  I have always loved all of Kahn's tree landscapes.

6 X 6 oil on masonite panel

March 9, 2009 - Red Island

Wolf Kahn has had a huge influence on my sense of color and on my desire to simplify my work—simple shapes of bold color is my goal. I have studied his work for years, along with others of the Abstract Expressionist school. I also share with him similar subject interests, especially stands of trees.I definitely had Kahn's palette and subject interest in mind on this piece, deliberately to push myself into a simpler composition.

March 3, 2009 - River Dream

Another memory of river paddling. While I love Maine's ocean views, rivers have the most thrilling autumn colors.

6" X 6"  oil on masonite panel

March 2, 2009 Sheep in the Meadow

This is another scene from my joyful experience at Horsepower Farm in Penobscot Maine.

The sheep were not distracted in the least by the steady stream of people walking by all day.  The sun streamed into the meadow softly. The whole day was beautiful in its simplicity.

Oil on masonite board  6 X 6 inches.

Feb 28, 2009 - Riverside

Passionate colors orange and purple are my favorite. I keep going back to them, adding them to landscape in a surprising way.  This is a memory of my paddling trip to Vermont on Columbus Day weekend 08.

Riverside.  6 X 6  Oil on panel

Feb 26, 2009 - Horsepower Farm

Horsepower Farm in Penobscot Maine...I attended the wedding of a friend at this Farm last June and it was the most beautiful country wedding I have ever seen. The day was beautiful, the light was stunning at every turn. This scene was among my favorites for it's light and stillness and I can still hear the steel band and the children frolicking just a few feet away. Fellow artist and photographer Andrea Hand captured the day on film as only she can. You can see her incredible wedding photography at

Summer at Horsepower Farm oil on 8 X 6 masonite.

Feb 13, 2009 Blazing Barren

One of my favorite subjects, the blueberry fields in autumn. This hill is near where I used to live on the Blue Hill peninsula, still a vivid memory. For years I commuted back and forth to Bangor, about 1 hour one way, and the views of the blueberry barrens as I made the last leg home every evening always took my breath away. I never tired of that sight.

Oil on masonite   8 X 6 inches

Feb. 12, 2009 Golden Hill

My intention is to paint in similar subject and similar palette during each week. This piece is a nice companion to the first. After all these years in Maine I never tire of the soft grassy hills, wooded paths and of course, the rocks.

Golden Hill  8 X 6 inches.  Oil on masonite.

First Daily Painting- Feb 11, 2009

My first day. One of my favorite themes, paths to the shore. The path has always interested me as much as the great view on the other side.  The anticipation of the view is always a thrill.

"Path to Shore"   8 X 6 inches, oil on masonite panel.