Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17, 2009 - Abstracts/Mixed Media

Here are a few of my recent experimentations with abstract work which seem "post-worthy." All of these are done on Arches watercolor paper treated for printmaking. I wanted to draw on an intuitive process that I use when making my gelatin monotypes (see these on my website), just responding to the color and shape in front of me, staying in the moment and trying to keep clear of any particular intention. Texture too is a big part of what I enjoy in monotype printing, and any printmaking process, so here I used a combinations of acrylic paint, gouache, some oil pastel sticks, some soft pastel, too. Building up layers and contrasting the properties of the different media:  acrylic dries kind of plastic and smooth, gouache has a matte finish, and then adding the pastel marks on top really creates a rich textural quality. Would love to hear comments about this, my new direction.

Top:  Joy, 13" X 13" on paper
Bottom:  Glimmers of Hope, 11" X 11" on paper

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