Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009 Painting large(r)

Today I finished a couple larger paintings that had been in progress, one in oil on 24 X 24 panel, and one in gouache on paper, about 12 x 22 - done on Monhegan but needed a little something. These are large for me, having been focused on the small 6 x 6 alla prima oils for some time. Finally I have a small inventory of these little 6 x 6s available for sale, so I'm moving onto the larger work. I will continue to produce the small ones, at least a few per week. They are great for "warm up" and are also serving me well now as "sketches" for my larger work.  Am also preparing to begin work on two commissioned pieces that I hope to have done in September.  Posts of the paintings to come...they need photographing.

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