Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting back to it.

Yike, it's hard to believe it's been since June since I've posted. This fabulously beautiful summer went by so fast and now I've got a fire in the fireplace tonight. I spent one wonderful week on Monhegan with painter friends, then another great week in Stonington, for Stonington Painter's Workshop. Both weeks were heavenly and painterly. Much of the remaining summer painting time was spent fulfilling orders for little 6 X 6 paintings which have become very popular for wedding gifts and experimenting with new techniques and approaches that I learned at the Painting Workshop. I will do upcoming posts about that and Monhegan.  For now here are a couple of the 6 x6" works that were commissioned for young Mainers leaving home...special places for them to remember.


  1. Thanks for creating your lovely Monhegan works. With the likely coming of ocean windmills off Monhegan's Lobster Cove next year, and perhaps another one very large one whooping away on the island's Powerhouse Hill, the ambience there will be changed, if not forever, then for our lifetimes at least. See:

  2. Yes, I agree, and likely more than just the ambiance, as your website suggests. Thank you for your post and your passion for the issue.