Friday, February 10, 2012

Monotype workshop encourages experimentation

We experimented with the "anything goes" free-style of monotype printing yesterday. Using the sensitive gelatin plate enabled the production of prints without need of a printing press....easily done at home. All attendees were first time printmakers. We used a variety of papers and noted the differences in how each paper received the ink. We also had a variety of inks and textures to play with...and enjoyed printing as the gelatin plates became marred, with some actually splitting into interesting shaped pieces. Samples show the wide variety of effects. Thanks to all for sharing the day.

Nancy L

Nancy T
Gail's print (top) illustrates a texture (dried lemon cross section in black) that made a permanent mark in the plate because the dried lemon slice was kind of sharp. So that image/texture was on every print afterward. This print was the result of adding other impressed textures and painting directly on the plate.

Wayne's plate had actually split into 4 pieces by the time he made this print. The lines made by the broken sections are key in making this an interesting in successful print.

Everyone went home with at least a couple dozen nice prints!


  1. I love these colorful mono prints.

    1. They ARE colorful, and the best part is you never really know what you're going to get! It was fun